'A Brickfilm Christmas' - A half-hour community project Christmas special from Tof Animation and Bricks in Motion!

The Brickfilm Showcase Dec 18, 2017

A new community project brickfilm has been released! A Brickfilm  Christmas takes the style of a TV Christmas special, and follows a group  of brickfilmers grounded in an airport telling the stories of their  favourite Christmas memories, complete with animated commercial breaks.  It was coordinated by thistof on Bricks in Motion and features 20  different animators providing contributions, all of which were created  for the project.

This is the first community project to be completed by the community  of Bricks in Motion since 2012. I personally had been holding out hope  to eventually see a more narrative-based community project, and a clever  framing device has allowed this film to strike a balance between the  narrative-driven and film compilation community project styles. It is  also the longest original community project brickfilm to be released.  This is truly a special moment in brickfilming, and I congratulate  everyone who was involved in making this project a success!

Head to the release thread to watch the film and reply!

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