Animator of the Week: Ben Young (Sonjira)

Animator of the Week Jan 26, 2015

Ben Young, known on BiM as Sonjira,  is a 17 year old animator whose began making brickfilms in the summer  of 2011. Having drawn inspiration from Robinson Wood, Captain Bulldog,  and Doug Vandegrift, he decided to get into the hobby after deciding  that "it couldn't be THAT hard."

His first film that he got a lot of response for was BIRDFaCE, which inspired him to pursue the hobby more seriously. His latest project, A Fresh Start'N,  has been celebrated by the community for its absurd humor, which drew  inspiration from local advertising for grocery chains and other stores.  It's an especially impressive project considering he made it for the  BricksInMotion Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest.

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