Animator of the Week: Joel Keiter

Animator of the Week Apr 27, 2015

This featured brickfilmer post is part of a series of articles  highlighting animators who supported the Bricks in Motion Documentary  project on Kickstarter.

Joel Keiter, (thatsfinestudios),  16, first got into making brick films in 2012. By February 2013, he was  pursuing making these videos on a regular basis; he notes Brotherhood  Workshop and Harrison Allen (Squid) as chief inspirations. He's gotten a lot out of the hobby:

"Brickfilming as been a great creative outlet (and a way to justify  to people the large amount of LEGO I have). Watching other people's  films as well as making them myself is a great joy to me and I hope to  continue Brickfilming for as long as I live. (However unrealistic that  may be)"

One of Keiter's most recent films is the sci-fi short The Phantom Doctor.

To discuss this brickfilmer, visit the forum topic!

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