Animator of the Week: Lewis Chen (Lechnology)

Animator of the Week Apr 13, 2015

This featured brickfilmer post is part of a series of articles  highlighting animators who supported the Bricks in Motion Documentary  project on Kickstarter.

Lewis Chen (Lechnology) is an animator whose work in the past few years has focused on computer animation. Since he sawThe Phantom Menace as  a child, Lewis has had an interest in computer animation and visual  effects. In 2002, he got into brickfilming in high school when a friend  showed him a class project that was created using stop motion and LEGO.

Lewis says his approach is to focus on the story he wants to tell, rather than letting the medium limit him:

"I want to make brickfilms, I just don't have the space or resources  to make them. While CG animation opens the door to creativity, I really  wanted to make LEGO-based animation so I committed and specialized in CG  brickfilms. Plus it was better than being hunched over a table in my  attic with hot lamps during the hot summers that I had time to do  stop-motion."

To read the rest and discuss this brickfilmer, visit the forum topic!

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