Animator of the Week: Marc-André Caron

Animator of the Week Jan 19, 2015

This featured brickfilmer post  is the third in a series of articles highlighting animators who  supported the Bricks in Motion Documentary project on Kickstarter.

Marc-André Caron, aka MonsieurCaron,  is a history teacher, husband, and father of two based in Québec,  Canada. His earliest introduction to the hobby came in the form of  various LEGO and Bionicle videos on YouTube, inspiring him to try making  some films of his own.

Soon, he was asked to make a video  for his local Teachers' Union and commissions grew from there. He built  his YouTube channel and made more film projects. With the help of QuéLUG  (Québec LEGO User Group), he taught a brickfilming class that made a Jurassic Park parody video.

One of Caron's recent projects is this LEGO Ghostbusters video.  He says that while many outsiders enjoy it, he got some criticism from  animators who didn't like the way characters slide around, something he  did because he felt it added to the comedy.

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