Animator of the Week: Neal Tovstiga (Mr Vertigo)

Animator of the Week Apr 6, 2015

This featured brickfilmer post is part of a series of articles  highlighting animators who supported the Bricks in Motion Documentary  project on Kickstarter.

Neal Tovstiga (Mr Vertigo),  18, is an animator currently living in the UK. He first learned about  brickfilming some seven years ago when he came across LEGO animations on  YouTube. Having had an interest in LEGO since childhood, the medium  appealed him, but he didn't decide to take it up for himself until 2012  when he was inspired by the work of Harrison Allen (BiM member Squid); he specifically cites Pirates Rule! and How Not To Rob A Bank.

He joined Bricks in Motion and his first Brickfilm, The Time Machine, was made for a local youth festival contest and screened at a local cinema. He later made Monochrome and Loyalty, for the Contrast and BRAWL competitions on the Bricks in Motion forums.

His current project is a brickfilm called Seven Assassins, for which he recently released a trailer.

To read the rest and discuss this brickfilmer, visit the forum topic!

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