Animator of the Week: Nick Douglas

Animator of the Week May 4, 2015

This featured brickfilmer post is part of a series of articles  highlighting animators who supported the Bricks in Motion Documentary  project on Kickstarter.

Nick Douglas (OneDouglas),  16, got his start in stop motion after buying a kit for making stop  motion films. In 2012 he began to use LEGO for these animations, though  he notes that stop motion and the brickfilming community is what really  piqued his interest in the toy:

"Even though I liked LEGO just fine as a kid, it was the brickfilming  community that made me into a fan of LEGO. I think that LEGO and  animation are perfect for each other, with both if you can imagine it,  it can be achieved."

Douglas's most recent film is That Spy.

To discuss this brickfilmer, visit the forum topic!

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