Animator of the Week: Noah Frazier

Animator of the Week Apr 20, 2015

This featured brickfilmer post is part of a series of articles  highlighting animators who supported the Bricks in Motion Documentary  project on Kickstarter.

Noah Frazier (PushOverProductions) started  making brickfilms with his dad's camcorder in 2007 after seeing the  entries to the "LEGO Star Wars Moviemaking Contest." He eventually met  Jonathan Phillips (Just Kidden) who introduced him to BricksInMotion. He says the community helped him grow  as a filmmaker:

"With help from the extremely supportive community , I improved more  in one year the I had in the four years I had been brick filming all  together. After getting involved in contests like BRAWL and THAC, I  discovered my love for oddball-ish dark humor, which is likely the  result of an questionable parental decision to raise me on Monty Python's Flying Circus."

To read the rest and discuss this brickfilmer, visit the forum topic!

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