Bird of Paradise: Set Review

May 20, 2021

In recent years, LEGO has made a more direct effort in appealing to older fans and adult collectors. Part of this initiative is the new Botanical Collection, which has been received positively so far. 10289 Bird of Paradise will be the third entry into this line, and largest yet.

A tropical plant native to South Africa, the Bird of Paradise is known for its extraordinary flower. The exotic plume and vibrant colors make this a rewarding plant to cultivate. Shown below is the flower of an actual Bird of Paradise:

Bird of Paradise flower
Bird of Paradise (wikimedia)

The designer behind this set is none other than Chris McVeigh. Widely known for his custom builds and LEGO photography, Chris McVeigh has been a staple of the LEGO community for many years. He even designed custom trophies for the Bricks in Motion Septemberfest event. In 2019, Chris was hired by LEGO to design models officially. This will be his first set for the botanical line.

rotating gif of the plant

The set looks great from all angles. But what cannot be captured with pictures is the surprisingly lifelike nature of the model. The pot is densely constructed and feels much like a ceramic pot would weigh. Similarly, the stems and leaves sway like a real plant. The overall effect is quite pleasant.

In terms of parts, there are a few worth mentioning. Copious technic axle connectors are used in dark green and olive green to build the stems of the plant. Perhaps these could be reused to texture the halls of a sci-fi spaceship or some other exotic brickfilm set.

It is also worth noting that the set contains ten small, chrome gold rings. They are hidden within the base to support unique building angles. The set comfortably takes 2-3 hours to assemble, and is a delightful experience all around.

Because this is a display model, we felt it would be best to take in the set visually. Check out our look at the set in motion:


Although I am not a fan of plastic plants, I will gladly make an exception for this set. Though it does not offer much in the way of animation, it will make an elegant and classy decor piece in the home of any brickfilmer.

10289 Bird of Paradise will be available on Shop@Home and in stores, starting August 1st.

Review by Pongowl

Howdy! My name is Pongowl and I’m an independent animator and storyteller. My goal is to explore human nature through meaningful stories and compelling visuals. Everything on my channel will forever be 100% appropriate, so you never have to worry about seeing something bad.I moderate the comments …

Special thanks to LEGO for providing the review copy. Opinons expressed are mine alone.

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