Jul 15, 2023

BRAWL results, get ya BRAWL results here!

This year was absolutely incredible, thank you so much to everyone who participated and entered. We had an astounding 154 entries, a new BRAWL record. It means the world to all of us that you guys keep coming back to participate.
You can watch all the entries here: here.

The judges for BRAWL 2023 were:
Chris W.
Gregory Animations
Joshua Armell

The judging process worked as follows, each judge watched every film. After watching, each judge ranked their personal top 30 films. Each of the judge's lists were then run through a system that utilizes instant run-off voting to create a top fifteen reflective of all the judges. The judges then adjusted the top 25 list as a group until they were satisfied with the outcome.
Judges considered the following when watching the films: originality, production value (animation, set design, cinematography, sound, etc.), story, and creative interpretation of the theme. While the parts of the film were considered, the most important quality the judges looked for is how the film works as a whole.

The LEGO Ambassador Network supplied the first two out of the three prizes:

Sanctum Sanctorum, and Lion Knight’s Castle, and the LEGO House Exclusive Wooden Duck, signed by the designer Jme Wheeler!

For the story of how we acquired the Wooden Duck, check out our documentary for Brickfilm Day 2023!

1st Place: Live Rich. Die Richer - Corbanzo Films & toadproductions
2nd Place: Picked Clean by Formal Lens!
3rd Place: Lucia - Bricks & Pieces (BrickfilmHQ, FPP, Darth Levee, James Cawood)
4th Place: Safe as Houses - Penta - ziltrag
5th Place: Danju - AeroNomad
6th Place: Love & Literature - Joshua Nelson & 2x4 Productions
7th Place: Johnny Thunder and the Dramatic Irony Bridge - JO Co
8th Place: Legal Ties from Yesteryear - ziltrag
9th Place: Johnny Thunder and the Lost Treasure of Loch Arkaig - Star Brick Studios
10th Place: A LEGO book nook comes to life - Nathan Wells
11th Place: Cracking The Kernels - Urban
12th Place: Desert Requiem - BrickHistory
13th Place: Les Liens de L'amour - Sully
14th Place: A Robot Revamp - William Osborne
15th Place: Blindly Through Space - PELOKETCHUP
16th Place: Goofy Antics and Stuff - Orbital Lizard Studios
17th Place: Found Footage - puskov
18th Place: BRICKS OF FATE: The Tragic Tale of Click McBrickler - Twisted Bricks
19th Place: The Artist - Luke Pictures
20th Place: Not Your Yeti - BlueBrick
21st Place: ARC Port (BRAWL Edition) - MindGame
22nd Place: Domino effect - Toaster Chan
23rd Place: TMF Movie: Connections - TinyMushroomFilms
24th Place: The Park and the New Day - BOZBETPRODUCTIONS
25th Place: A Man Has Been Shipwrecked in LEGO City - Brickey Scouts

Congratulations to all the winners!

Thank you all again for taking part. We all can feel the passion that goes into the entries, and we cannot wait for BRAWL 2024!

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