Brickfilm of the Week: Beast

Brickfilm of the Week Jun 12, 2015

This week’s Brickfilm of the Week is Beast by Nathan Wells.

Time to be a little self-indulgent! It’s my birthday next week so I thought I’d be selfish. Beast is  a horror myster brickfilm about Dr. Wilson, a scientist who will do  anything to find a cure for cancer and must deal with the sudden murder  of his lab assistant. It was made by me, Nathan Wells, in 2006 for the Fame, Infamy and Glory Contest, and ultimately won second place. Beastwas also nominated for Best Sound Design in the 2006 Brickfilming Achievement in Motion Picture Arts Awards.  I was an active member of from 2005 to 2008, and have  been active on Bricks in Motion since its founding, save for a “short”  hiatus. My other films include Alex and Derrick: Five Years Later, 30 Years: The Story of the Minifigure, Blinders, Unsound, andInfinity Squared.

Watch Beast on YouTube, and then head over to the spoilery discussion thread to discuss with your fellow brickfilmers!

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