Brickfilm of the Week: Dr. Jobs and his Scary Laboratory

Brickfilm of the Week Feb 27, 2015

This week’s Brickfilm of the Week is Dr. Jobs and his Scary Laboratory by Fumitaka Anzai.

Brickfilming is, like LEGO itself, an international phenomenon. Our  beloved plastic bricks transcend international borders and language  barriers with ease, and we’ve seen brickfilms and brickfilmers from  around the world. However, while we’ve seen plenty of brickfilms from  North America, Europe and Oceania, we’ve essentially seen no brickfilms  from Asia. Dr. Jobs and his Scary Laboratory by Fumitaka Anzai  is an exception. Released in 2005, this brickfilm caused a stir thanks  to its impressive visual effects and extremely smooth animation that  essentially had never before been achieved with LEGO. While Fumitaka  Anzai did post this film on, he was not an active member,  and very little is known about him.

Watch Dr. Jobs and his Scary Laboratory on YouTube, and then head over to the spoilery discussion thread to discuss with your fellow brickfilmers!

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