Brickfilm of the Week: Rübermachen

Brickfilm of the Week Nov 22, 2015

This week’s Brickfilm of the Week is Rübermachen by Felix Czepluch, Cornelius Koch and Theodor Becker.

Rübermachen is a 2008 drama brickfilm by Felix Czepluch,  Cornelius Koch and Theodor Becker that follows two refugees attempting  to cross the inner German border. It was created for the 2008 edition of  Steinerei, the annual German brickfilm festival and competition. It  combines stop-motion segments with brick mosaic animation created with  Photoshop, and features sets made primarily from model railway  decorations, to achieve a more serious tone.

Watch Rübermachen on YouTube, then head over to the discussion thread to discuss with your fellow brickfilmers!

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