Brickfilm of the Week: The Pilgrim's Son

Brickfilm of the Week Nov 29, 2015

This week’s Brickfilm of the Week is The Pilgrim's Son by Jason Boyle.

The Pilgrim's Son is a comedy adventure 2010 brickfilm by  Jason Boyle about the pilgrim Derwin's son being hunted for to be used  as a sacrifice to fulfill a prophecy. It is the last of five Pilgrim  films, but was made to be understandable without having seen the  preceding films. Each Pilgrim film was usually released around a  Thanksgiving, with the one exception being The Pilgrim's Christmas. At 25 minutes, The Pilgrim's Son is Boyle's longest brickfilm, and was considered by him to be his best.

Watch The Pilgrim's Son on the Brickfilm Archive, then head over to the discussion thread to discuss with your fellow brickfilmers!

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