Bricks in Motion: The Documentary Progress

Article Oct 9, 2014

The fundraising campaign for Bricks in Motion: the Documentary on  Kickstarter has ended, raising $12,800 from 270 backers! We're excited  by the success of the campaign, and grateful to the BiM community for  making this happen. In order to make the film the most ambitious and  successful project it can be, however, we'd like to aim higher.

Bricks in Motion: The Documentary is a feature length film about the world of stop motion LEGO® animators. We'll explore the personalities and lives of various filmmakers around the world.

In return for your support, we're offering a number of exclusive  rewards, including the Bricks in Motion Collection, a DVD and Blu-ray of  classic films from the Bricks in Motion community, with new director  commentaries! It will also showcase all the entries to the recent BiM Celebration contest.

To learn more about the rewards or make a pre-order, visit the BiM Documentary discussion thread.

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