Cease and Desist

Article Jun 10, 2008

I received an email this morning from the "Adirondack Manufacturing  Corporation" (of which Cynthia Price's (the current owner of brickfilms)  husband is the President) claiming trademark infringement on the domain  name "" (infringement on the term "Brickfilms"). I  suppose I should have seen this coming, and I apologize to all of you  that warned me about this, I should have listened. I haven't decided a  course of action yet and I would love any input from you fine folks.  Obviously if they have a problem with "ilovebrickfilming" they'll have a  problem with "brickfilmers" too so it's likely that we'll have to  revote on a name. A discussion is going on in this thread on the forums. For those of you that are interested I have uploaded a formatted version of the email here. "Peaceful coexistance". Right.


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