Article Mar 11, 2008

This is what I know thus far.
I've had very little response from the admins so I'm still unclear  about how things happened. About a week ago when the changes to the  search were made, I began to see a huge shift in the way Brickfilms was  running. Dozens of members began crying out for answers from the site  owners and only got their threads locked after being told to "Go  BrickFilm".

After seeing this and several parts of the site (including an  upcoming youtube clone and what would appear to be the disabling of the  wiki) begin to change dramatically like this I began to worry for the  ideal of brickfilms as a whole. Whether or not this site would be the  same place it used to be ever again. So I started working on another  site. To be clear, I never wanted to directly "compete" with brickfilms.  I just wanted to have a place to work on actually brickfilming rather  than having ads thrust down my throat while the community goes insane  from a lack of information. I called it "I Brickfilming" in light of  this. I expected to be kicked from the site or to step down as admin  after revealing it. I couldn't imagine that having something like that  would make them very happy. Upon completing the placeholder for the site  I sent a link to a forum member whom I trust very much and wanted to  know some answers and what I planned to do about this. I responded with  as many answers as I could and then gave her a link to the site. After  that (and I'm just guessing on this part) the higher ups got a whiff of  my site from someone (I'm not sure who or how) and then proceeded to  either be given the contents of my private messages or search the  database for them (I'm guessing the latter due to the person I was PMing  with). Upon finding this I believe they waited a few days before  disabling my website/hosting account here and then removing all  privileges I had on the site. I never received any contact from the  owners and was only told what a few ministers had seen in the Ministers  forum (where the owners apparently explained everything). The only email  I got was several hour after and concerned the removal of the  brickfilms logo from the site (which I had already done a few minutes before the email arrived).  After replying to the email asking for answers I received a response  basically confirming my beliefs in the above events and then said they  tried to keep it from the community to "salvage my dignity". I'm not  ashamed of what I did and I stand behind it fully. I leave it up to you  to decide the ethics of the situation. Whether it was right of me to  build another site devoted to the hobby. Whether it was right of them to  search my PMs. Whether it was right to lock up my site and label me as a  "wannabe" (as seen on the left above my avatar).


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