LEGO VIDIYO: Is it useful in brickfilming?

Review Feb 16, 2021

LEGO set Bricks in Motion a few LEGO VIDIYO sets to review. We're a brickfilming website, and LEGO VIDIYO is an app where you can make music videos with 3D animated dancing minifigs. Seems similar enough, right?

Sure, I can see the crossover between the audience of people reading this and people who would use the app. But that didn't make reviewing these any easier.

The products are great. I like the minifigs, and I love the tiles that it comes with. You know I'll be decorating my brickfilm sets with those tiles from here on out. Printed tiles is a blessing.

The problem is that I couldn't figure out how to relate LEGO VIDIYO, the augmented reality music app, to brickfilming. I could have easily just have made the digital minifigures dance on a set I built, but that's not my style.

Introducing: the video I made using both the LEGO VIDIYO sets and app.

Now, now, before you say it's weird... I know! It was intentional hehe....

But I decided to use the challenge of the augmented reality in a stop-motion animation brickfilm. So I did. And the minifigs found their use too.

So if you haven't already, check out the videos above for a more in-depth review and look at the LEGO VIDIYO products.

And, to join the discussion on LEGO VIDIYO, check out our topic on the forums:

LEGO VIDIYO: Is is useful in brickfilming? (Page 1) - News - Forums - Bricks in Motion
LEGO VIDIYO: Is is useful in brickfilming? (Page 1) - News - Forums - Bricks in Motion - A place to discuss, share, and create stop motion films.
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