MANiiFEST, the 2022 Summer Contest, STARTS NOW

Jul 17, 2022

The BricksInMotion 2022 Summer Contest, MANiiFEST, has started!!!  

BiM's experimental animation contest returns!! The contest will run from July 17th to SEPTEMBER 17TH, with an AMAZING pool of prizes courtesy of our contest sponsors: Dragonframe, Brickstuff and the LEGO Ambassador Network.

As with last year, our goal is to encourage brickfilmers to create new, experimental and unique brickfilms that push the art of brickfilming - aesthetically, visually, and narratively - further than it's ever gone before.

As filmmakers, it's easy to get stuck in the usual, set-in-stone way of doing things; the same walk cycle, same camera angles, the familiar Hollywood stories we've seen done over and again for over a century now. And while there's a reason these things are done so much - they work (mostly, sometimes, kinda), sometimes you gotta SWITCH things up, BUCK the trends, and FIND A NEW PATH.

Check out the announcement post for the full details -

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