Advertisment Situation - Updated

Article Mar 13, 2008

Thank you to all of you who are concerned about the contents of my  personal site ( which was suspended during my sudden  removal from Brickfilms. I received an email this morning (the 12th)  with a link (and nothing else) to a .rar compressed version of the site  within an ominous folder that indicated my files would be removed in 24  hours. I downloaded the rar (which took nearly all day on my rather  miserable internet connection) only to find it was corrupted. Yay.

So basically I have anything in my root folder than began with a-d. I  emailed them again stating the issue but have not received a response  back. I'll update you all as soon as possible.

UPDATE: I have finally downloaded my websites directory and  am awaiting news regarding my mysql database. Another problem has arisen  though, it would appear that I am not the only one to have been ousted  from their hosting domain. Another long standing patron has been given  the dump without warning. I won't say their name or go into much more  detail because they seemed extremely upset about the matter (and rightly  so, they paid for the hosting). I've emailed "Zane" about a refund but I  don't expect they'll return my replies. If you do find out who it is,  please don't email them. For the record, I'm thoroughly mad about this  now.

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