Shadows & Plastic: Painting with Light in LEGO Animation

Article Aug 27, 2015
Shadows and Plastic: Painting with Light in LEGO Animation

As our summer animation contest Darkness and Light comes  to a close, it's time for a look back at what brickfilmers have  achieved in lighting and cinematography over the years, and explore some  possibilities for the future!

It can be easy to fall into the trap of settling for flat, evenly  exposed lighting on your film, regardless of the content of its story.  There is a a place for high-key lighting,  but with the advent of DSLRs, high quality webcams, and instant online  HD video publishing, making sure that everything can be seen clearly in  your finished film isn't the challenge it used to be.

The exciting thing about these advances is that they open up  opportunities to explore bold, creative lighting design in our films. We  can use multiple light sources with color and careful composition to  paint with light, much like a live action cinematographer does.

Read the rest of this article and discuss lighting in brickfilms on the forum!

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