The Animation Challenge - NOW LIVE!

Jan 27, 2021

Previously hosted on the forums, the Animation Challenge is now being hosted on the BiM Discord (in the #animation-challenge channel)! If you've never entered, it's a weekly challenge in which everyone animates the same action or situation. Check out this quick video explaining the rules:

And here are all the rules (all of which are readable in the Pinned posts of the #animation-challenge channel):

1.) Each week, the contest starts on Wednesday, with the host posting the theme for the week. Previous themes have been things like "Climbing" and "Digging a hole."

2.) The contest ends the following Monday. There is no exact end time on Monday, however the host may choose a specific end time (with a time zone label) if they wish.

3.) The host will choose a winner on Tuesday. There is no requirement of the host listing out 2nd, 3rd, etc, but they can if they want.

4.) The winner will become the new host, and post a new theme on Wednesday. Themes can be reused from previous iterations of the Animation Challenge:

5.) The theme must be a specific action, the more specific the better. For example, instead of "Boxing," try "Throwing a punch."

6.) Judging is entirely based on the animation. Sound effects, music, sets, etc will not factor into the judging. Your entry can win even if it’s 5 seconds long with no sound.

7.) To submit your entry, just post a YouTube/Vimeo/Drive/Instagram link in the animation-challenge channel. Your entry can be public at the time of posting. (To avoid clutter, post any tests in #brickfilming)

8.) If the host fails to choose a winner on Tuesday, a BiM staffer will choose a winner.

9.) If the winner fails to post a new theme on Wednesday, a BiM staffer will choose a new theme.

10.) If you win, you must have your new theme approved with the BiM staff before posting on Wednesday. You will be given the "Animation Challenge Winner" role on the server, which gives you access to a BiM staff-only chat called "ac-winners." There, you can submit your theme proposal.

If you're not already a member of the Discord, you can hit the "Discord" part of the site's header and connect!

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