The Brickfilm Feature: Back 2 Skool

The Brickfilm Showcase Sep 28, 2017

First, I would like to mention that the Spirit of Adventure Contest  has ended, receiving 24 entries. Thank you to all who entered! Check out  the playlist of entries here.

For this feature, I was trying to think of a theme when I remembered  that school would have recently started for a lot of people. This got me  thinking that school is actually kind of an uncommon setting for  brickfilms (when not including the more YouTube-view-centric and imaginatively titled stuff).  I thought this was surprising considering most brickfilms are made by  people who are still in school, but also that perhaps it makes sense  that school is the last thing they would want to be thinking about. With  this is mind, I have chosen a selection of brickfilms centered around  school:

His Mind's Account by unfoldingmetal (2005)

Perhaps some of the other picks are too obvious for some, so now here  is a film that I believe needs to be rescued from total obscurity. Only  one scene of this film takes place in a classroom, but it still  counts. His Mind's Account is an abstract brickfilm that  incorporates multiple types of animation. I won't try to explain it, as  all I can really say for certain is that it definitely held my attention  for more than one viewing. It features some nice moody lighting, and a  stand-out digital effect that is blended in well (...if that makes  sense). I find it impressive that the director made this at age 14, as  it is more thought provoking than what most would think to make at that  age.

To see the rest of the films featured, visit the forum thread!

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