The Brickfilm Feature: Eclipse Special

The Brickfilm Showcase Aug 21, 2017

For today, I thought it would be fitting to create a feature to tie  in with the solar eclipse. However, there really aren't many brickfilms  that deal with eclipses or even blindness, so instead I have mostly  selected films about the sun and the moon in some way.

Total Eclipse of the Heart by golego (2009)

I'm sure Americans are sick of hearing this song by now, but this is  really the only eclipse-related brickfilm that came to mind. Luckily, it  is a good one, as it comes from one of the all-time great  brickfilmers, golego.  This is a music video for a recording of the song by a Welsh choir, and  was commissioned by Decca Music Group to promote the album it is taken  from. Unfortunately, golego's own upload of the film was eventually  struck down due to copyright detection, despite being authorised. This  film makes great use of camera movement and especially lighting, with  one of the standout elements being the under-lit stage. By being made  with LEGO, it uses the lines about falling apart to comedic effect.  Impressively, this film was produced in only two weeks.

To see the rest of the films featured, visit the forum thread!

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