The Brickfilm Feature: Strange French films

The Brickfilm Showcase Sep 29, 2017

I would like to bring attention to a contest that is being run by our French friends at Brick à Brack on behalf of The LEGO Group. LEGO requested that they host the Thor: Ragnarok Contest to  tie in with the upcoming Marvel film and related LEGO sets. The contest  is for short brickfilms starring Thor, and the deadline is October 29.  The contest is open to worldwide entries and the announcement and rules  are in English, so make sure to check it out!

With that in mind, I decided this edition of The Brickfilm Feature  should have a French theme. While France has given us some of the  greatest brickfilms ever made, there is another area that has piqued my  interest and has been on the cards for a feature. I have noticed a bit  of a trend among French (and French Canadian) brickfilmers to create  short and quirky films based on a single novel concept or experimental  animation technique. Due to these films usually being rather strange, I  affectionately refer to them as "French insanity films". Fittingly, this  type of film is often made for Brick à Brack's popular animation  challenge, which seems to attract more filmic entries than the animation  challenge on BiM. I love these films as there is a great sense of fun  to be found in them. They also seem like a good way to release films  more frequently, rather than just leave the ideas as tests. I have  chosen 10 films by 5 directors, which may look like a lot but actually  comes out to about 9 minutes total viewing time. There is no language  barrier.

EARWAX by Loïc F-B (2013)

Hand'Shoes by Loïc F-B (2013)

Choo choo! by Loïc F-B (2011)

This is the French Canadian portion of the feature. Loïc F-B has been  around on both BàB and BiM for a long time, and though he hasn't  released a film in a couple of years, he remains active as an admin of  Brick à Brack and is participating in hosting the Thor: Ragnarok Contest.  One problem with this feature is that it's often the case with with  these types of films that the less is said, the better. I will say that EARWAX is well voiced by Loïc and Squid, Hand'Shoes features an excellent interpretation of the animation challenge theme "Walking on Hands", and Choo choo!... Well, you just need to watch Choo choo!.

To see the rest of the films featured, visit the forum thread!

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