The Highlighted Topic: The best lenses for your DSLR

Article Jan 27, 2017
A Clean Lens is a Good Lens

This is a guest post by member nswihart.

Do you find yourself asking questions that start with…

“How do I…?”

“Should I buy…?”

“Is that a good…?”

“Where can I find…?”

If you do, and you’re looking at investing in a DSLR camera and/or lenses for a DSLR, then you might want to visit this topic.  Our own SlothPaladin has assembled this topic as a resource for viewing  and understanding the results of a handful of commonly used lenses for  Nikon cameras with respect to stop-motion animation.

As a DSLR (and lenses for DSLRs) are expensive, it is wise to  research before making a purchase, and most information you can find  online regarding these cameras is related to general photography, rather  than stop-motion photography. This topic/guide is a bit more specific  to the “focus” of stop-motion animation.

Learn about Nikkor Lenses here.

PS: No Highlighted Topic next week in lieu of a forthcoming special announcement!

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