The Return of Little Guys

Article May 1, 2012

Long-time community member and animator for LEGO, David Pagano, is  working on a personal brickfilming project and is looking for help!


Our new film is called "Little Guys... In Space!",  and it's a stop-motion homage to ‘80s space toy commercials, featuring  large-scale LEGO sculptures as the main characters. It’s a sequel to our  2007 film "Little Guys!", which was created in a similar style -- all characters, sets, backgrounds, and effects built out of LEGO bricks and elements.

With the new film, we're aiming to advance the techniques we developed  for the first film: create more expressive characters, try out new  brick-built practical effects, and generally push the boundaries of LEGO  stop-motion as far as possible. We’re also looking to just make a fun,  entertaining film that pays tribute to classic sci-fi archetypes and  retro TV ads.

To get the film made, we're currently raising  funds for "Little Guys... In Space!" on Kickstarter. Rewards include  custom LEGO kits, DVDs, pins, and prints, as well brick-built  caricatures of our backers that will be featured in the film. Check out  our Kickstarter campaign, and please consider supporting our film and helping spread the word!

Little Guys!
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