The State of Things

Article Jun 3, 2008

Alright guys, just a quick update to keep you all informed as to what  is happening with :) First of all, I am still working  on it. Very hard in fact. I've actually recently had to reduce the time  I spend on it so that I could ensure that I graduate highschool.  Second, we've ran into a little trouble. It's nothing detrimental to the  health of the site but it has put a kink in our timeframe. The forum  software that we're using (PunBB) is excellent. It's lightweight, easy  on the server, and the newest builds of it (including the one we're  using) make integration, upgrading, and adding features easier than  anything currently available. Unfortunately, the people that create the  software are pretty much going through the same split up Brickfilms /  Brickfilmers went through. A commercial company bought out the PunBB  software and the developers didn't like the way it was going and decided  to create their own. Thankfully, PunBB (right now) is still open-source  and therefore allowed the developers to fork the code into what they  call "FluxBB". The issue is, with the move of the software (we'll be  taking the FluxBB route) comes dozens of minor, but vital, changes to  the software, renaming of functions that were branded with "PunBB" or  "Pun" in them mostly. Moving all our pages over to the new software  (including the forums) requires that I go through every page and fix the  badly named functions and variables. This, as you might have guessed,  is tedious and time consuming. However! I have been able to fix most of  the pages now and I am just about ready to move on to more feature  development. More screencasts and a beta signup will hopefully happen  within the next few weeks. Assuming that we're able to get things the  way you want it the first time, we should be able to get the site fully  functional and public in about a month. :) I hope that explains what's  been happening and gives you something to look forward to. :)



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