Welcome Home

Article Dec 26, 2008

Hello and welcome to Bricks in Motion! We're still settling into our new  home here so bear with us as we build our momentum! Now I know the  front page, films page, and resources page look a little... well...  lackluster, but there is a reason! For one, we don't have any reviewers  yet, so we can't go about adding films until we get us some of those.  And two, we don't have any content for the resources page yet. But  that's okay, things will be opening up rapidly! If you're interested in  reviewing films for us, please visit this thread for more information. If you're interested in helping out with the resources page, please visit this thread.  If you're interested in submitting your films to our directory we ask  that you please be patient for a few days more while reviewers are  selected and trained for their position.

Thanks and welcome everyone!

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