Article Mar 11, 2008

Welcome to! I know that there are a lot of  questions regarding what happened (we have some too) so post in the  comments what you want to know and we'll try our hardest to answer them  as soon as possible. :)

I would like to know if it's a possibility that the site may have been hacked. It is possible, but I don't think it happened. If it did I had nothing to do with it.

Are you banned from the forums? No, but all of my privileges have been removed.

As of right now, Revmen you (Schlaeps), or anybody else on doesn't have any control over the site now, correct? The  network is completely running it? I think Rev still has administrative powers, but that's all.

What happened? It's a long story, but the short of it is. I  began work on this site about a week ago. I sent a link to a member via  PM and they (apparently) discovered it that way. I did expect to get the  boot after they discovered this, but I would have hoped that they would  have contacted me beforehand. The fact that they've gone through my  personal messages on brickfilms is also concerning.

May I ask what will become of this site, and the forums as well? This site will be under construction for a week or two. We'll continue  to keep you updated via the blog (and upcoming RSS feed) on what the  site will look like, ask your opinions on what you think is needed, what  you want / don't want, etc.

is the cake REALLY a lie? I... don't know what you're talking about...

Why did you start making ilovebrickfilming in the first place? When I first saw Brickfilms beginning to go down the tubes I only saw  bad things ahead. I thought that it would be wise, to have a place to go  back to for the original ideal that Brickfilms was created under. To  just have a place to share, grow, and learn about the hobby. Brickfilms  is now a commercial venue. A way to make money. That's not what I signed  up for when I started working on Brickfilms. That's not what I signed  up for when I registered as a user in 2004. I joined because I like  making lego guys walk and I wanted to get better at it and share my  creations with other people. That's what this site is about.

Will Dave still be Minister of Milkshakes? Abso-freaking-lutely.

So, what exactly is this "link" you sent someone? A new redesign plan for the site or something? It was essentially this site minus the blog and had a logo on the top.

-Jonathan Schlaepfer Former Admin of

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