2008 Bricks In Motion Awards Results!

Contests & Events Aug 9, 2009

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners, you all did a great job with your films!Also, thanks to Smeagol, VN, MindGame, and Yanzl for announcing some winners during the Live session.The winners were:

Unrenewable - Best Film
Attack of the Second Amendment - Best Animation
Unrenewable - Best Screenplay
Bill Carney's Body - Best Cinematography
Unrenewable - Best Visual Effects
802.701 The Time Machine - Best Set Design
The New Neighbour- Best Sound Design
Unrenewable - Best Original Score
Unrenewable - Best Vocal Performance (Philip Heinrich as Jack Darter)
Unrenewable - Best Ensemble Cast

Results Thread

(By NXTManiac)

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