THAC 2022 Results

THAC Jan 23, 2022

The THAC 2022 Results are now out! A super active Discord chat tuned in to see the results, which was also streamed live on the Bricks in Motion YouTube channel. Check out the livestream video and the results thread below:

THAC 2022 Results! (Page 1) - Contests & Festivals - Forums - Bricks in Motion
THAC 2022 Results! (Page 1) - Contests & Festivals - Forums - Bricks in Motion - A place to discuss, share, and create stop motion films.

This THAC was the biggest THAC of all time, with a record number of 120 total entries. There were so many great entries this year, and as a way of celebrating beating the record, and so we could place even more great entries, we decided to rank the Top 20! It was still a challenge to narrow it down to just 20 entries and I highly recommend anyone who hasn't already watched through the entire playlist to do so, as it makes for a great watch.

I also want to use this as an opportunity to once again thank everyone that made this THAC possible. A huge thanks goes to Chris W., Penta, BertL, Forlorn, and JOCo for helping out with the submission process and for speedily judging and making it possible for us to release the results in just 2 weeks. A huge thanks also goes to every one of you that took part - whether you entered, or even if you just stuck around for the spirit of THAC, thank you for making it awesome!

This has been an absolute blast to host and I already can't wait for next THAC!

I love you all! Thank you all for being awesome,

-William (LOTW Studios)

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