2018 Brickworld Film Festival - Enter by June 11

Contests & Events Apr 24, 2018

Original post by Brick101 on the forums.

We’re very excited to announce the seventh annual Brickworld Film Festival! The event theme for Brickworld Chicago 2018 is Seasons,  and with the continued open invitation to directors around the globe,  we’re looking forward to seeing the best entries yet! This year’s prize  pack is just as awesome as last year’s, but this time we’re spreading  the love. Directors will be eligible to win through 1st, 2nd, and 3rd  place prizes! This year we are proudly sponsored by and can’t wait to get these awesome phonetic heads out to brickfilmers!
All eligible films will screen continuously in the Brickfilm Theater  for the duration of Brickworld Chicago. The attendees of Brickworld  Chicago will vote on the films to decide the winners.

Interested in submitting a film? Check out out the full details, rules, and prizes, and discuss the Brickworld Film Festival on the forums!

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