Summer Contest: Fright and Fear

Contests & Events Jul 6, 2020

The theme of the 2020 summer contest is Fright and Fear.

The contest will run from July 6th to August 31th. Once again, we have an exciting collection of prizes thanks to our contest sponsors: Dragonframe, Brickstuff and


Prizes for this year's competition are generously provided by our sponsors: Dragonframe, Brickstuff, and!



For this year’s summer contest, we decided to continue with a concept based theme: Fright and Fear. Which means that you can either make a suspenseful film that builds up tension as the killer slowly approaches his unsuspecting victim, or a more supernatural oriented film that shows monsters, beasts, telepathy killers, possessed werewolves or anything that's “paranormal”. We also want to clarify that we're not looking for films based on real life tragedies and events, as the goal of the theme is to celebrate fantasy and suspense in fiction.

For full rules and discussion, please check out this thread on the forums!

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