Contests & Events Jun 22, 2019
BRAWL 2019 Logo

BRAWL has Begun!
Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long or BRAWL, is a contest in which you have ONE WEEK to write, build sets, voice, animate, edit, sound mix, and submit a brickfilm from scratch. Beginning right now, you have one week to do all of that. Any entries not received by June 30, 2019 12:00 AM (00:00) BST (British Standard Time) will be disqualified. It’s a challenge, but it’s a lot of fun!

Theme & MOD Elements
The theme for BRAWL 2019 is Trapped. You could interpret it in a number of ways: someone (or something) is physically trapped, emotionally trapped, metaphorically trapped, whatever! Get creative with it!

The color MOD element is: a BLACK piece connected to or directly touching a WHITE piece. The letter MOD element is the letter 'F'.

Furthermore, all entries must clearly show the BRAWL 2019 logo for three uninterrupted seconds. The logos may be inserted digitally. Several high-quality resolution versions of the BRAWL 2019 logo can be found here.

To prove that you made your film within the time limit, at least one of the mod elements must appear in every shot of your animation (with the exception of 15 seconds worth of shots, more information below). You do not need to use both mod elements. You can combine these mod elements in any way that you see fit, so long as at least one is present at all times. You could choose to use just the color mod or just the letter mod, you could choose to use both, you could alternate between scenes, or any combination of the above. All that is important is that at least one of the mod elements be visible in every shot. (with the exception of 15 seconds).

For the full rules and announcement post, visit the official forum post!

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