EASTER 2020!

Contests & Events Apr 5, 2020

Are you ready to Enjoy A Short Transient Event Right-away? Here we go!

I’m excited, and I hope you’re ready for another year of fun, frolicking, and filming.

The deadline for this contest is April 11th, 2020 at 11:59pm (midnight) CST. This means you have a full two weeks to create your entry.

Your entry must be Easter related in some way. They may be sacred or secular, serious or silly. They may be religious if you wish, but must they be Easter related in some way. (They may cover candy, bunnies, flowers, the resurrection, or anything else Easter-y.)

Films must be primarily phyisical stop-motion animation using LEGO bricks or some other LEGO-like construction toy. Films may feature other forms of animation (like Flash, 3D animation, etc), but LEGO stop-motion must to be the main focus.

There is NO TIME LIMIT this year. However, keep in mind that a shorter, more polished film will likely score higher than a rougher, more poorly executed film.

Copyrighted material (music, themes, etc) are allowed, but originality is strongly recommended. Please refer to our Royalty Free Resources Section if you are in need of extra music and sounds.

The film may not contain any mature/explicit content. This includes, but is not limited to: swearing, excessive/gory violence, overt sexual content, and blatant drug references. However, slapstick comedy is allowed.

Only one entry per person will be accepted. If you submit more than one entry, only the last entry will be considered.

Entries must contain the EASTER 2020 image or the text “Made for EASTER 2020” somewhere in the film. You may download the image here. (If you want, you may also include the Bricks in Motion logo but that is not required.)

Also, please mention our sponsor, Minifigure Madness, in the film credits.  They have been generous enough to provide the prizes and it is only right that we give them the credit.

This year, instead of being limited to 20 second entries as most EASTER contests have done, we are reaching way back and channeling the awesomeness of an old contest, the “10 Brick Contest.”

Therefore, your films may only make use of up to 10 bricks/elements in the entirety of the film. Not 10 on screen at once, but ten total. Period. (You may use less than 10 if you prefer.) Minifigures are also banned.

You may also use baseplates for your floor, and a non-Lego background if you wish, which will not count towards your 10 brick limit.

Here is a video explaining and visualizing this new rule.

For more rules, prizes, and discussion, please visit the Forum Topic!

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