LEGO Creator Coffee Cart (Free for a limited time!)

Review Nov 8, 2021

Are you a coffee fanatic? Maybe have a little too much enthusiasm for the caffeinated beverage? Now's your lucky chance to take that obsession further with a free coffee cart from LEGO!

With a purchase of $65 or more from or LEGO Stores, between November 8 and 14, you can take home your very own LEGO Coffee Cart.

The Coffee Cart has 149 pieces, including two unique minifigures and a handful of LEGO mugs (sadly no actual coffee included). It's a nifty addition to any LEGO City collection, despite being LEGO Creator branded.I found it makes for a good prop for a brickfilm, which I assume you watched, as it's linked at the top of this post.

The girl minifigure was my favorite, as the blue hair was pretty unique, and the glasses with freckles face is one I personally haven't seen before and will gladly add it to my collection! But then again, I'll gladly add any LEGO to my collection...

If you're interested in the Coffee Cart, check out or LEGO Stores.

Please note: this set was provided by the LEGO Ambassador Network for review. However, all opinions remain my own.

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