LEGO Rebrick 'Ninja for a Day' brickfilm contest

Contests & Events Apr 5, 2017

LEGO has announced a new Rebrick brickfilming competition, "Ninja for a Day",  for 15 - 30 second films showing how a resident of Ninjago city spends  their day. This is the second Ninjago-themed Rebrick contest, and this  time six winners will have the chance to have their animation featured  in The LEGO Ninjago Movie, in addition to receiving a huge haul of prizes including the full LEGO Ninjago Movie set range and a mystery exclusive Ninjago set valued at $300. This is  the first time that all six winners will receive the grand prize, rather  than some of them winning runner-up prizes as in previous Rebrick  contests. The deadline is May 10, and the higher chance to win big  really does make this contest seem worth entering.

Visit the Rebrick thread in the BiM forums to discuss, or read more about the Rebrick competions on the wiki!

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