LEGO Road Plates... fad or fantastic?

Review Nov 22, 2021

LEGO Road Plates faced much controversy around its launch. The old classic road baseplates have been discontinued, to many peoples' dismay, and replaced with Road Plates, which many criticize as ugly or odd-shaped.

But unless you want to to thrifting for some old fashioned road baseplates, you might just be stuck with some new road plates here and there, especially if you're a LEGO City fan.

So how are they? Are they useful in brickfilming? Will they replace the classic baseplate, and do they actually look all that bad?

I discuss this and many things in my review of LEGO Road Plates (as seen above).

If you're interested in seeing the Road Plates in action, feel free to check out "Captain D. Rom in: TIME TIME TURMOIL" and "LEGO Woman Turns into Car", which both prominently feature Road Plates, below:

That's all for today! Come back soon for more reviews!

LEGO CITY sets 60290, 20304, and 60306 were generously provided by the LEGO Ambassador Network. All opinions are my own.

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