New LEGO Rebrick contest: A LEGO House Dream

Contests & Events Oct 1, 2017

That's right; another official LEGO contest announcement already! There is a new brickfilm contest on Rebrick called "A LEGO House Dream", for films depicting what you would expect to see and do in the new LEGO House in Billund, Denmark. Three winners will receive the LEGO set of the  LEGO House signed by the designer, and the one Grand Prize winner will  also receive a trip for two to Billund, Denmark with tickets to visit  the LEGO House. Entries to the contest must be between 15 and 30  seconds, and the deadline is November 3. This is a shorter Rebrick  contest than usual so the competition might not be so fierce. If you can  whip up 30 seconds in a month, I think it sounds worth giving your best  shot. Don't forget that the official LEGO Thor: Ragnarok Contest was also announced a few days ago on Brick à Brack!

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