POLL: When should BRAWL 2018 take place?

Contests & Events Apr 21, 2018

Hey there, it's me, Chris W. I am taking over responsibilities as host of BRAWL (Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long.) Previous host Fun Sucker has graciously given me the duties as host, and I hope to be just as great a host as he was.

And this year is a very special year. That's because it's BRAWL's TEN-YEAR ANNIVERSARY! But in terms of planning it, we need your help.

Like last year, BRAWL will take place while BiM's summer contest is happening. The official BiM summer contest will run from June 1st - September 1st. Fortunately it didn't create too big of an impact to either contest  last year, and I don't believe the same will happen this year. Even  still, we need your feedback for which week in July will work best.

Please click the link below and vote in the poll and leave any  additional comments or questions. The poll will run for two weeks and  the official announcement post will be posted in the next month to  month-and-a-half.


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