Septemberfest 2020 Contests!

Contests & Events Sep 17, 2020

Septemberfest 2020 is upon us! That means it's time for some CONTESTS! Every year, we celebrate Septemberfest in our hearts, as a celebration and appreciation of both the so-called best brickfilm of all time as well as the brickfilming community as a whole. But this year... we have TWO CONTESTS to celebrate with!

Animation Contest

First is the Septemberfest Animation Contest! This is similar to many Bricks in Motion contests in that you are to make a brickfilm related to the contest theme. You can learn more about this on the Contest Announcement Page.

Photography Contest

As a side contest to the main Septemberfest event, we have the Septemberfest Photography Contest! In this, you can take a photo that tells a story related to the theme of the contest, and enter it for the chance to win a cool prize! You can learn more about this on the Contest Announcement Page.


The prizes for this year's Septemberfest contest prize pool are generously provided by The LEGO Group via the LEGO® Ambassador Network. A huge thank you goes out to them!

For the Animation Contest:

And for the Photography contest:

I can't wait to see everyone's entries! Please share your behind the scenes photos and progress on the forums and social media, tagging us with @BricksInMotion on Twitter or @_BricksInMotion on Instagram!

Special thanks to Pongowl for creating the logo!

Read more about entering here:

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