Summer Contest: Past and Future

Contests & Events Jul 7, 2019
Sponsored by Dragonframe, Brickstuff, &

Welcome to the 2019 edition of the Bricks in Motion Summer Contest! This year's theme is Past and Future.

The contest will run from NOW (July 8, 2019) through September 2. More details on the exact ending time below. Keep reading for the full rules and information, and let's get this summer contest started!


This year's theme is more concept based, versus previous themes being technically based (Darkness & Light, Movie Magic, etc.). So what does Past and Future mean?

Well, that's up to you! Obviously the terms past and future imply a time which is not the present. And I want you to take full advantage of that. The past had many great tales and legends that we still tell today, or heroes or dragons, ancient peoples and civilizations, worlds unknown to us today. It may even contain some stories never told... who knows what happened in the past if it's not written down! And the future is full of endless possibilities as well! Who knows what mankind will create tomorrow... or alienkind, for that matter.

So the goal here is to create a world that differs from the one we live in. Something imaginative, something unique. It can be based in reality, or totally made up. The past isn't restricted to earth, nor does it the past ever stop. You read the last sentence in the past, and you'll read the next one in the future (I hope).

You may even want to employ some old-timey filmmaking techniques... or invent your own! All this fits within the theme. Be creative and show us your best work.


Prizes for this year's competition are generously provided by our sponsors: Dragonframe, Brickstuff, and!


For the rest of the rules and complete contest details, and to join in the conversation, please read the post on the forums!

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