THAC Results Coming Saturday the 22nd/Podcast Episode 36 Promo

THAC Jan 15, 2022

Hello all! Two big announcements.

First, the Results of THAC 2022 will be announced next Saturday, the 22nd of January at 4pm EST. There will be a livestream on the Bricks in Motion YouTube channel, as well as a results call on the Discord that you can all join! Look forward to having you all there!

Secondly, the latest episode of the World of Brickfilms Podcast, with special guest Maxime Marion, has just been released. In this episode, we talk to Maxime about his recent film Four Studs, working with Hans Zimmer, the 10th anniversary of his film Copyright, and the future of the Henri and Edmond series.

Check out the announcement video of both the Results Date and the podcast promo, along with links to all the platforms where the podcast is available!





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