The Bricks in Motion Awards are Back!

Contests & Events Mar 23, 2015

Hello and welcome, one and all! After a momentary hiatus (read: 3  years), Nathan Wells and Zach Macias are proud to present the nominees  for the 2014 Bricks in Motion Awards! This is a (sort  of) annual awards event that recognizes and celebrates excellence in  brickfilming in a wide variety of categories and disciplines. Think like  the Oscars for brickfilms.

Our panel of judges have sorted through a year’s worth of films and  voted on them in 11 individual categories until a final list of 5  nominees was agreed upon for each category. Very soon, we will be  sending out the final ballots, and once those votes are tallied and  winners chosen, they will be announced via a live awards show in the  Bricks in Motion IRC Chat (more details on that later).

Check out the announcement thread to read up on all of the nominees!

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